11th Annual Statewide Legal Food Frenzy

The winners of the 10th Annual Statewide “Legal Food Frenzy” Categories

Attorney General’s Cup Winner: Per Capita:
B. Cullen Gibson (Norfolk)                                                          25,303 pounds per person

Small (3-20) Law Firm: Total Pounds: “The Brunswick Stew Award”
Murphy & McGonigle P.C. (Richmond)                                      24,370 pounds

Small (3-20) Law Firm: Per Capita: “The Shenandoah Apple Award”
Roussos, Glanzer & Barnhart P.L.C. (Norfolk)                          3,479 pounds per person

Medium (21-100) Law Firm Total Pounds: “The James River Shad Award”
McCandlish Holton (Richmond)                                                  53,648 pounds

Medium (21-100) Law Firm Per Capita: “The Hanover Tomato Award”
McKenry Dancigers Dawson P.C. (Virginia Beach)                    1,469 pounds per person

Large (101 and up) Law Firm Total Pounds: “The Smithfield Ham Award”
McGuireWoods LLP (all locations)                                              104,453 pounds

Large (101 and up) Law Firm Per Capita: “The Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Award”
Hirschler Fleischer (all locations)                                                  473 pounds per person

Sole Proprietor (1-2) Law Firm Total Pounds: “The Virginia Peanut Award”
Howell Law Group, PLLC (Norfolk)                                               25,000 pounds

Sole Proprietor (1-2) Law Firm Per Capita:  “The Virginia Pear Award”
Ronald Page, PLC (Richmond)                                                    10,124 pounds per person

Law School Winner of Attorney General’s Cup
Regent University School of Law            (Virginia Beach)            23,464 pounds

Government and Public Service Total Pounds:  “The Urbanna Oyster Award”
Office of the Attorney General (Richmond)                                  58,068 pounds

Government and Public Service Per Capita  “The Old Dominion Soybean Award”
Prince William County Attorney’s Office                                       1,752 pounds per person

Legal Department Per Capita:        “The Virginia Strawberry Award”
Norfolk Southern Corporation Legal Department (Norfolk)          3,122 pounds per person


Participating in the Legal Food Frenzy is easy. To get started, all you have to do is register online.


Once your firm or organization is registered, the individual(s) that you designate to lead your collection efforts will be contacted by a representative from your local food bank with customized materials for the two week campaign.